19 Ogos 2009

cinta VS masa

Once upon a time there was an island where all the feeling lived.
Happiness,sadness,knowledge and all of others, include love.
One day it was onnounced to the feeling that the island would sink
So they all prepared boats and left...Love is only one who stayed.
But..... when love was almost sinking,She decided to ask help.
“help! Help! Who can help me?”

Then Richness come.
"Richness,can you take me with you???"
"No.i can’t.there a lot of gold in my ballon. There is no place here for you."

After that sadness come...
"Sadness, let me go with you." "Oh... love. I’m so sad that i prefer to go alone."

"Happiness, help me! Help me!"
Happiness was so happy , so he did not listen when love call him.

When love almost give up asking for help, suddenly there was a voice
"Come love, i will take you..."
The one who help love is an elder. love become very happy that she even forgot to ask the elder his name..........

When they arrived on dry land,the elder went on his own way...
The love ask knowledge, another elder,the name of the elder who had helped her...
"His name is ‘Time’"
"Time? But why did time help me???"
"Because time is capable of understanding how great love is...
Take the time to know what real love is...

The end!

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